Moodles theme Archaius



Archaius is a moodle theme, which has several options to customize the look of your moodle without touch any source file. It has been in Moodle official website since 2013 and I am trying to make it better everyday.

From the Farmer DC

From the Farmer dc


From the Farmer is a great company from Washington DC that gave me the opportunity to work with them as freelance, it has been a great experience, I have learnt a lot with them.

Place to train

place to train

Moodle PTT


Place to Train is a colombian company who offers high quality online education. We use Moodle and WordPress as platforms.

I have been working like two years to make our Moodle unique. As a result, nowadays I have developed several Moodle plugins to improve appearance and back office task. I were more focused on Moodle, but now we are starting to modify our presentation website too.

Red Entretejidos ICBF

Red Entretejidos


ICBF is a goverment institution, EAFIT university hired me to help in the creation of a virtual network of all people around the country that is working in the ICBF centers. The idea is give them an space to share their experiences in the different towns and inspire their co-workers.




Audionovela is a website to listen a story that take place in El Darién, it was created to help students to learn spanish.

The Audionovela was developed at University of Bergen as a part of a project directed by Professor Ana Beatriz Chiquito.

My contribution to the project was update it and improve user experience.

You can listen the story by click the text in the white boxes in Nivel 1 or clicking the images of the story in Nivel 2. You can read the dialogues and choose only the dialogues you want to follow.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 2.17.24 PM

Red de Liderazgo Escolar

Red de liderazgo Escolar


I was working on this project from 2013 until july/2014.