Archaius 100% SSL Safe!

This is a post from René Breedveld, who experimented this error and wanted to share his experience and solution. I am very thankful with him for taking the time to write this.

I’m using the Archaius theme with great pleasure till the moment I changed my Moodle site form http to https. Every time I opened the https site, a pop-up message warned me about unsafe content. Looking for the solution I used Their report pointed out that Open Sans fonts, within the Archaius theme, were causing these insecure messages. But after extensive digging I couldn’t find any php code responsible for this.

So I had to decide between taking these insecure messages for granted or using another theme. I decided for the first option.

As a result of not yet executed lay-out issues I updated my logo for the site and the mobile version. This turned out to be a great move! After the adjustments made, the pop-up about safety risks disappeared. So I came to the conclusion that these images were blocking the full SSL access due to the shift from http to https. In short: Archaius is 100% SSL safe and I’m still using it with even more pleasure than before.

Kind regards

René Breedveld

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3 Responses

  1. Eduard says:

    We switched to a version of Moodle 3.1, and we have the beginning of a problem with the menu.
    When will Arhaius version for Moodle 3.1?
    Or you need to do in ipravleniya Arhaius Tigris v-1.4.7

    • dmuneras says:

      Hi Eduard,

      I am just testing my theme in Moodle 3.1, I am planning to release a new version next month.


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