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Is there a way too make the courses expandable on default? I know it goes against the essence of the theme. Thanks! Shawn Kiser

Just to let you know Shawn, it doesn’t go against the essence of the theme, I already thought about it, and the option is needed, it is just that I need to get a job in Moodle again or get some more free time to be able to implement a lot of things I have to improve. 🙂

At the moment I haven’t added an option to choose if you want to have topics open when you go to the main page of the course.

If you want to do it, you can use a monkey patch to achieve that until I add the theme options.

The solution is a little bit complicate, because of the way tabs are created. So, I add one line in the right file to achieve this.

File to download

You have to replace a file called archaius.js, it is located under [archaius-folder]/javascript/

Use the following file and rename it to archaius.js, then, CLEAR YOUR MOODLE CACHE and it should works.

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