How to add images in Archaius Slider

Slideshow Archaius

If you want to add images in your archaius slides, you have to follow these steps:

  • Activate Archaius Slideshow in settings page

    Archaius options

  • Go to add new slide

    Add new slide

    You have to click in settings button (which is a big black button below the slideshow), then you have to click the button Add Slide

  • Upload Image or use URL

    Now you are in the add new slider form.

    Add new slider form

    To add an image you have to click on the image icon in the text editor.

    Image Icon

    Click the icon and the following menu will be prompted

    Image menu

    If you have the URL of the image you want to add just put it in the respective field, but, if you have to upload the image click the option Find or Upload an image

    Upload Image menu

    After this step, you just have to find the image in your computer, upload it and use the options to add some styling to the image.


You don’t have to upload your images, it is possible to use the repository options Moodle allow you to have, for example: dropbox.

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4 Responses

  1. João says:

    Hi. Thank you for your excellent theme.
    I have a problem with deleting and editing images in the slideshow.
    The buttons “edit” and “delete” were gone…
    Can you help me?


    • dmuneras says:

      Hi João,

      Sorry for the delay, could you send me a screenshot or send me a more detailed explanation by email? (you can use the contact form).

      Best regards,

  2. jorgen says:

    Hi Dmuneras,
    I am trying to configure your theme for mt website. When i want to add slides, i receive a 403 error (‘Forbidden
    Access to this resource on the server is denied!’)
    What did i miss?

    • dmuneras says:

      Hi Jorgen and I am sorry for the delay, my emailer was broken and I didn’t notice it (a lot of work :P).

      I just test the slideshow in my Dev Moodle 3.1 and it works, it could be a problem with your server or moodledata configuration. If it is still useful, let me take a look to your website.

      Best regards,

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