Another option to change the behavior of Archaius blocks

I had the opportunity to made a small usability test to test my archaius’ block effect. Thanks to the feedback I received from the users, I developed another option for the behavior of the blocks effect

You can download the plugin from ::here:: and check this post to see how to replace the old plugin and use this one (section How to use version 1.1.0)

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2 Responses

  1. Catalin says:

    Dear Daniel,
    I have setup Moodle 2.7 with your theme and I have th efollowing trouble. I have installed the theme via Install add-on and at the beginning it asked me the settings for the themes. They worked fine. But now, I am stuck with the same colors, no matter what I select in the Archaius Settings page. Can you help?

    Many thanks in advance.

    • dmuneras says:

      Hi Catalin,

      You must go to archaius settings page, select the colors and then YOU MUST clear cache to see your changes reflected. I have changed the colors of my moodle to test and everything is working fine. BUT if you have any problem after clear cache let me know I will glad to help you.

      It is a option in moodle called: Purge all cache.


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