Tables and responsive design

I was trying to make my moodle theme archaius responsive, and I had had a horrible time making tables fit into small screen.

CSS trick came with a nice solution

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  1. Theme Archaius. When working in a desktop or laptop computer, breadcrumb bar Is always avilable. But when you view on an ipad or iPhone the breadcrumb bar Is gone! This Is disturbing, ever since It works as a navĂ­gation bar. Any suggestions?

  2. dmuneras says:

    Hi Eduardo,

    Yes, I realized how important is the breadcrumb after make a user test. In the next release it will be visible all time.

    What you can do for now is add the following CSS rule to your custom CSS on Archaius setting page:

    #page-content .navbar{

    If it didn’t work for you let me know.

    Best regards,

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